Crissy Stile assists children at the Montessori at Roseborough school
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Experience • Education • Energy


It's All About Quality of Life

That’s what is important to each of us, and protecting or making life better is another reason I decided to run to be your District 31 state representative. My promise to you: I won't go down rabbit holes about things the state government doesn’t control, nor go after unrealistic dreams we can’t afford.

I'm Here for You

The old saying "watch what they do, not what they say" tells you a lot. During the Covid months in our community, I sewed masks for volunteers and seniors, put in extra time at the food pantry when others couldn’t take the risk, created a virtual exercise class for kids so parents could catch some off time, shopped for neighbors, and delivered puzzles/games/books 

to help people pass the time. At the same time, since I'm a City Council member, I worked with our City Manager and fellow Council members to help set the guidelines and policies for both the tough times as well as the times beyond. So, watch what those who are running to be your Florida House District 31 candidates do, because listening to what they say means little.

Shared Priorities

  • Jobs and good wages for everyone who is able to work, and an efficient unemployment system that provides benefits when times get tough. 

  • The best education – well paid (and appreciated) teachers and support workers.

  • Safe care facilities for our seniors with needed oversight.

  • An environment where we continue to work to keep our lakes, waterways and forests as places where we can fish, boat, or just enjoy nature. 

  • Amenities like parks and green spaces in our community are important, including our bike trails.

Watching Your Wallet

Helping you save is important to me. I want to make sure the government collects only what is necessary to keep things running well without waste or excess, yet always be prepared for those bad times (whether hurricane, economic downturn, or pandemic). I have on-the-job government budgeting experience in both good and bad times, and my educational background is in accounting. Handy things to have as the state legislature these next two years will be all about budgeting due to the rough year we’ve been through.